May 28, 2020


3 Creative Ways to Keep Customers Happy

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Arka Packaging Design Partners of cc StudiosIn a consumer-driven world, ensuring that your business provides a unique and memorable experience to your customers is crucial. When it comes to keeping your clients happy, there are so many fun, unique, and interesting strategies that you can apply to win them over and maintain their loyalty.

Consider these creative ways to keep your customers happy:

Create Customer-Focused Content

Always remember, if you make your customers feel special when they interact with your business, either by coming to your store or by visiting your website, they will return to purchase your product. According to a report published by McKinsey & Company, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. A great way to make them feel cared for is by interacting with them on a regular basis by using social media, through content that is focused on their needs.

Some examples of it can be by creating posts that educate them on product updates or by creating exclusive content with insider tips and tricks. Another great way can be by doing various social media campaigns that involve your clients, for example by asking questions or engaging in conversations and doing running contests. Doing giveaways is also a very creative way for you to introduce your products to your followers and garnering new clientele.

Get Innovative with Customer Service

Excellent customer service makes for happy customers. It is important to gather feedback after someone uses your service. One way to do that is through online surveys. Another way to do that is by generating emails inquiring about their experience. Depending on the type of business, it is also a good idea to make follow up phone calls to your clients so they can voice their opinions about what they liked or didn’t like about your service.

Maintaining an open channel of communication helps to ensure that your business is meeting all the demands of the consumers. One creative way of doing that is by having a real-time chat service available on your website so your clients can receive answers to any questions they may have immediately if shopping online.

Another great way to improve various customer service channels is by analyzing which method is used the most. According to American Express, U.S. consumers prefer to resolve their customer service issues using:

  • Telephone (90%)
  • Face to face (75%)
  • Company website or email (67%)
  • Online chat (47%)
  • Text message (22%)
  • Social networking site (22%)

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 68% leave brands because they are upset with the treatment they’ve received. However, studies show that up to 70%  of unhappy customers transform into loyal ones if the mistake has been fixed exceeding their expectations. This shows good customer service can play a huge role in making customers happy.

Take It Up a Notch with Packaging

You may have heard the cliché that the first impression is the last impression. As boring as this cliché may sound; when it comes to packaging, it holds immense value. The first physical touchpoint that your customer has with your product is when they hold the package in their hands.

Studies related to the psychology of shopping show that, “packaging plays a major, if not dominant, role in purchasing decisions.” By choosing custom packaging you can ensure that you are telling your brand’s story through your packing. You can ensure that your branding elements (color, patterns, design etc.) are truly reflected in your packaging. You can get creative with the kind of custom packaging that works best for your brand and give your clients a unique, unparalleled unboxing experience. Consumers love a good unboxing experience and custom packaging will be a source of true joy for them when they receive your product in the mail.

At Arka, we provide specialized services for all your packaging needs and we have all kinds of solutions handy for you regarding what kind of packaging works best for your brand. By using custom packaging, you can communicate with your clients like never before.

Ready to design some off the charts packaging? Let cc Studios bring your brand out into the market looking fabulous - and all at a price you can get excited about. 

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November 11, 2015


In the end it's all about LIFE

In our business...

... we are asked daily, "how can my business compete in the shortest period of time and I want you to make me the most successful (designer, musician, artist, tech guy, writer) online." At year 10 of my own success in design and branding I find the request somewhat weary. Oh sure, a number of wonderful merchants and start up's have a desire to "do good" and many are, but the under current is about the money. How to a make it, make alot of it and do it like it's all that has ever mattered.

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January 04, 2015


The Fine Art of Graciousness

Over the past few years I have been called upon to write about my feelings where the topic of grace is concerned, and as my business grows I have found this to truly be a lost art, one I genuinely believe would do well to be in the roster of musts for most people I encounter. Don't mistake, I'm not implying that everyone I deal with is an ungrateful brat, not at all, but it is true, we have with feverent appetites devoured the lifestyle of instant and distant communication that to some, simple eye contact can seem downright scary. To then expect that such individuals would step beyond the text message and wall post to express their emotions is considered "old school" and not progressive. I say no. I say this is not only a lost tradition that shouldn't even be in question, but I firmly believe those that actually do speak on the telephone, send  handwritten note or wow, let's get really crazy and acknowledge someone's efforts and say "thank you" are the ones that rise to the top to be the creme that makes the pudding all the sweeter to eat. View full article →
November 02, 2014


// where we gather + create //

Could this day actually be here?

After six months of piecing together the past two years of client projects so that we could finally release our very own website is nothing short of epic. For each day that I would dig in and get to the business of writing, editing and compiling, we would find ourselves eyeballs deep in new client projects and last minute rush requests. Stressed out? Sure, but how frigging amazing it is to be so busy, so many fabulous designers and inventors, merchants and do-it-all types wanting to hire US for their brand campaign and website launch - yeah... I happily set our studio project aside to see these awesome people reach their full potential as successful online entrepreneurs.

There's alot to soak in, alot to discover but it's all so fabulous you know? This business we're in, the world of taking virtually nothing and making is something is incredible. When I'm running on three hours of sleep and 20 weeks of no time off you would think we'd throw our hands up and say, enough! Truth is, we feed on this frenzy, the urgency to make it have n o w and getting to do it while also connecting with infectiously talented artists, photographers and filmmakers to see our client's dreams come alive is the best damn job anyone could ever ask for.

Periodically I'll pop on some new work, pics and stories and graphics we're especially stoked about, and I also share industry news like apps and features to enhance your online business, services that come along to make running your store more efficient and streamlined and I'll post excerpts from my pages of stitched together insights and experiences, 101: The Book (currently available for pre-order ahem).

So come around every once in a while and see what's happening in the world of cc Studios... I promise you won't be disappointed.

Shine on.