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  • In the end it's all about LIFE

    In the end it's all about LIFE

    In our business...

    ... we are asked daily, "how can my business compete in the shortest period of time and I want you to make me the most successful (designer, musician, artist, tech guy, writer) online." At year 10 of my own success in design and branding I find the request somewhat weary. Oh sure, a number of wonderful merchants and start up's have a desire to "do good" and many are, but the under current is about the money. How to a make it, make alot of it and do it like it's all that has ever mattered.

  • The Fine Art of Graciousness

    Over the past few years I have been called upon to write about my feelings where the topic of grace is concerned, and as my business grows I have found this to truly be a lost art, one I genuinely believe would do well to be in the roster of musts for most people I encounter. Don't mistake, I'm not implying that everyone I deal with is an ungrateful brat, not at all, but it is true, we have with feverent appetites devoured the lifestyle of instant and distant communication that to some, simple eye contact can seem downright scary. To then expect that such individuals would step beyond the text message and wall post to express their emotions is considered "old school" and not progressive. I say no. I say this is not only a lost tradition that shouldn't even be in question, but I firmly believe those that actually do speak on the telephone, send  handwritten note or wow, let's get really crazy and acknowledge someone's efforts and say "thank you" are the ones that rise to the top to be the creme that makes the pudding all the sweeter to eat.

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