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Could this day actually be here?

After six months of piecing together the past two years of client projects so that we could finally release our very own website is nothing short of epic. For each day that I would dig in and get to the business of writing, editing and compiling, we would find ourselves eyeballs deep in new client projects and last minute rush requests. Stressed out? Sure, but how frigging amazing it is to be so busy, so many fabulous designers and inventors, merchants and do-it-all types wanting to hire US for their brand campaign and website launch - yeah... I happily set our studio project aside to see these awesome people reach their full potential as successful online entrepreneurs.

There's alot to soak in, alot to discover but it's all so fabulous you know? This business we're in, the world of taking virtually nothing and making is something is incredible. When I'm running on three hours of sleep and 20 weeks of no time off you would think we'd throw our hands up and say, enough! Truth is, we feed on this frenzy, the urgency to make it have n o w and getting to do it while also connecting with infectiously talented artists, photographers and filmmakers to see our client's dreams come alive is the best damn job anyone could ever ask for.

Periodically I'll pop on some new work, pics and stories and graphics we're especially stoked about, and I also share industry news like apps and features to enhance your online business, services that come along to make running your store more efficient and streamlined and I'll post excerpts from my pages of stitched together insights and experiences, 101: The Book (currently available for pre-order ahem).

So come around every once in a while and see what's happening in the world of cc Studios... I promise you won't be disappointed.

Shine on.




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