We are independent. We are passionate. A group with experience to drive your message and deliver.

cc Studios is the extension of a growing design and branding business known as cc101 Productions with locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix. cc101 was created with the sole purpose of providing designers, artists, musicians, writers, shop owners and any type of innovative start up business, the opportunity to thrive effectively and affordably in the competitive world of online sales and services. Founded by Lisa Pool in 2005, cc Studios has evolved to a full service design, development, branding and social marketing niche agency offering clients the chance to be seen and be operational in the most beautiful way possible - with affordable package plans, 4 week launch time and one-on-one backend training.

The fastest growing businesses incorporate design and engaging content. They incorporate these elements because that's what's required to be noticed, to be recognized, to be taken seriously. We are here to guide you in this process and we'll do it by design. We'll do it with you a part of the process and the project every day, right to the point of releasing your new or retool venture to the world.

let's make something that let's you and your business SHINE.

Standing out is vital and we want that for you, the online scene is very crowded, really crowded. So many companies blasting their wares and throwing there message around and no one is listening. Discouraged? Not at all, this is where the authenticity comes in. This is where cc Studios supports the journey of being true to yourself in a world filled with copies and knock offs - its individuality and tenacity that will give you the platform to be different. A simple choice to innovate and connect with people who really appreciate what you have, what you offer and tell your story in a way that give you that special edge over your competition. Your story told in a visually stimulating, perfectly pitched fashion that expresses your product or service like no other.

Ask any of our clients; anything worth having is worth working for, but we can tell you our effective daily project management style allows us to meet your objectives. We'll ask you to be in this as much as we are for you; we're here to produce results, provide solutions and you can absolutely trust cc Studios to deliver.

cc Studios blends our creative passion, our industry insight, and a true belief in great ideas and tenacity can change everything. 

You've got our word on it. Now let's start making something that let's you and your business SHINE.