Very simple. You can either share your ideas and details with us on our homepage "get a quote" feature or on the designatedSubmit Your Quote page on this website  >

We definitely understand the importance of budgeting your project and we are aware of the concerns of merchants that they are in fact getting what they've paid for. We have devised a three-part payment installment plan that we have found to be both workable for our clients as well as us here at the cc101 Productions + cc Studios office. Our proposals outline your payment structure and due dates as will your project invoicing.

Absolutely! Our studio works with some of the most gifted, innovative and artistic visionaries in the industry. We provide lifestyle as well as product photography for many of our clients and our one or two-day shoots include the talent, stylist, hair and make up and all edited images to be used for the design graphics, look books, catalogs and product pages on our merchant websites and social marketing campaigns. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding professional photography or submit a quote request.

Having access to a roster of musical and film geniuses is a service we are more than happy to share with our clients. From behind-the-scenes promo clips to film shorts to fully composed and arranged scores from original artists, your project if you desire, can have elements like video and music quoted with your cc101 + cc Studio launch package - just as us how > 

We do. Our talented crew of designers, developers and all around website whizzes can build your business on any platform. We tend to prefer Shopify for it's incredible merchant-friendly backend and all of the additional services this company provides our merchants. Should you request another ecommerce platform be assured we can execute a highly competitive online destination for you.

Package design is one of our most favorite requests and we've created some pretty fabulous boxes, signage, inserts, displays and even event and trade show exhibit graphics. Our studio works with some of the very best printers in the business and we will source, design, layout and deliver a package concept you can be proud of. View ourPackaging + Collateral page for a few examples of our recent work >

If for any reason your copy of 101: The Book arrives damaged or is lost in shipping, we will happily replace your copy at no additional charge. 

Lisa really loves to meet with clients in person, and when she has the chance to have a day, a weekend or a full week conference to connect with merchants, entrepreneurs and creative types that really inspires her and her talented crew too. Please take a moment to visit ourSpeaking Inquiries page and submit your request or inquiry; someone in our office will reply right away.

Currently our cc101 Productions + cc Studios press and media is being handled in-house. We also provide basic PR services for those clients seeking some grassroots social marketing and press outreach. At this time our own studio is actively seeking a professional agency or independent rep to take our cc101 Studio story to the media - if you are a member of the press or a PR professional and are interested in representing a growing, innovative and get-it-done type of client, please contact us!