Project Add-On Services

So you've launched your new website, you're thrilled with the work by cc Studios but... you feel like there's some extra assistance we could provide to see you through your first 30 days of startup success. With our Project Add-On Services option, you can choose a variety of a la carte, project-related services on an affordable, short-term basis.

Project Add-on's Available
  • Backend SEO INCL Google AdWords PKG
  • Customized App Install and Setup PKG
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance PKG
  • Weekly Email Blasts or Blog Post PKG
  • Hourly One-on-One Consulting
Bundle your services and save up to 25%

Add-on fees are paid-in-full and services begin within five (5) calendar days from payment authorization and confirmation. Your cc Studios project representative will be in touch via email to organize your tasks in your project review board. 


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